About Asakusa International Academy Ibaraki Campus

Asakusa International Academy Ibaraki Campus is a Japanese language school located in Hokoda city, Ibaraki prefecture, and is in its 2nd year of operation.

Ibaraki prefecture is called the “Experience Kingdom” where foreign students can experience many things and enjoy the best learning environment.

Our school aims to provide you with the Japanese language skills and operational skills necessary for studying at vocational schools and universities and provides practical Japanese education as well as opportunities to experience Japanese culture so that you can have a fruitful time studying overseas. Young people from many countries such as China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Brazil are currently enrolled in our school. Our school staff will do their best to help you grow became a bridge between Japan and other countries through your study abroad life.

Kashima-nada Seaside Park/Hokota City

Learning Goals

  1. We aim for all students to achieve their desired goals by going on to the universities and vocational colleges of their choice.
  2. In addition to Japanese language education for matriculation, we will also provide practical and balanced Japanese language education that is useful for life and employment in Japan.
  3. Through studying abroad, we help students understand differences in culture, customs of way of thinking, and develop an objective view of things from a broad perspective.

Characteristics of Our School

1. Instruction for learning and matriculation

Based on the career survey after admission, detailed career guidance will be provided, such as information on the desired school and the possibility of gaining acceptance. In order to maximize learning effectiveness, the following items are implemented:

  1. Level-specific learning organization.
  2. Guidance for entering graduate school (Preparation of first letter and research plan).
    Results for September 2023: Saitama University Graduate School (1 person)
  3. Implementation of classes to prepare for university entrance examinations, interviews and essay.
  4. Measures for entrance examinations for vocational schools. Results for September
    2023: Gunma Automotive University (3 students)
  5. Support and guidance for subjects other than Japanese.

2. Life Guidance

Teachers and life instructors will  guide students through orientation and daily counseling so that you can adapt to Japanese customs, housing, shopping and part-time employment. We have staff who are fluent in foreign languages to help you.

3. Interaction with Local Japanese

We put on the following events for students to promote communication with local community, allowing you to experience Japanese life:

  • International exchange party
  • Cooking each country’s cuisine
  • Outdoor activities
  • Participation in and tours of local events


School nameAsakusa International Academy Ibaraki Campus
School number562
Address2158 Anbou, Hokota-city Ibaraki Japan zip cord 311-1504
tel+81(0)   291 32 9188
fax+81(0)   291 32 9189
School open timeam  8:30 ~pm 17:30
Nearest stationKashima Rinkai Railway Oarai-Kashima line 
 Shin-Hokota station/ Tokusyuku station